Debate Ambassadors Fall 2018 Update

This year’s group of debate ambassadors have start off on an excellent start.

The team of Assata Nkosi and Daniel Wakefield, of Grady High School, were octofinals at the Chattahoochee High School tournament with Daniel getting 7th speaker. Dorien Laurens and Jack Kast, also from Grady High School, won the novice division. Also, Dorien received the 7thspeaker award. Ava Smith and Matthew Vincent where octofinalist, with Ava winning the 5thplace speaker award.

Daniel also placed in 7th place at the Wake Tournament for High School.

Our Cross Keys debate ambassadors attend the Michigan University high school tournament and won three of their debate rounds.

Thank you for all your support of the Debate Ambassadors. The Debate Ambassadors have several tournaments coming up including, Carrollton Scared Heart, Westminster, Blake, IsidoreNewman.