The Digital Debate Center

In order to make the instructional resources of the Debate Center more accessible, the AUDL is launching the Digital Debate Center. The Digital Debate Center will allow teams and individual debaters to participate in the Debate Center program and receive instruction from AUDL staff, student interns, and Emory collegiate debaters digitally through an online video call. To join the Digital Debate Center’s online video call, participants will only need access to a web browser. During the Digital Debate Center, debaters will listen to lessons on debate concepts and the yearly topic, engage in activities to practice key debate skills such as flowing and organizing speeches, and asks questions through a live chat that will receive direct feedback. The inaugural Digital Debate Center was on Thursday, November 1st from 5:15—7:00pm and provided instruction to almost twenty students from three different schools. The AUDL is excited to offer this great opportunity to learn more about debate from the convenience of a classroom.