1. Two Divisions in High School

The High School division has grown over time, and the skill level has as well. This fall, we will be introducing two divisions for high school debaters: Novice and Open. The Novice division will follow similar guidelines to the Middle School Novice Division. Arguments are focused around the AUDL Novice evidence packet and outside research is not permitted. In order to move up to Open, the AUDL recommends a debater place in the top 10 teams, 4 times. Open Division welcomes a wider breadth of research. Students must stick to the arguments assigned by the AUDL, however they are free to supplement the packet with their own research.

2. Debate Center

Debate Center has been streamlined to occur twice a month at Emory University. We already have a regular group of 8-10 Emory debaters and volunteers on hand to lead and assist in debate practice for our visiting schools. All member schools are welcome to participate in this program. For a list of dates, click here.

 3. Advanced Judge Trainings

As our debaters get better at debate, so must our judge pool! We look forward to increasing our judge resources both online and at tournament judge trainings to ensure our Varsity and Open Division pool is more equipped. Opt-in here to receive helpful tips that will strengthen your judging capacity!

4. New Goals

Increase “15-round debaters.” We want to see more debaters debate more often. As research shows, a major threshold for reaping long-standing debate benefits is the 15-round mark (approximately 4 tournaments of debating.) This is a benchmark tool used in Urban Debate Leagues across the country. Last year, we saw 426 of our debaters reach this target.

5. New Schools

We would like to welcome these new schools on board:

  • Peyton Forest Elementary
  • Usher Collier Elementary
  • Kennesaw Charter
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Continental Colony Elementary
  • Sarah Smith Elementary
  • Philmor Academy
  • Luella High School
  • Druid Hills High School
  • Therrell High School
  • Mays High School
  • Salem High School