College Bridge

The College Bridge program seeks to expose and educate students participating in the league to the importance and value of taking ownership of their educational career. Students are provided “access” opportunities on a frequent basis to college students, staff, information, campuses and academic rigor with the evidence packets and debate itself. Our goal is to help students make informed decisions and to demystify the high school and college experience.

Many of today’s best resources are right at your fingertips! While some sites cater to specific topics, such as scholarships, most sites aim to provide a guide to the overall journey of applying to college and how to be successful in college.

Big Future

This user-friendly and interactive site makes the college search more fun. Created by CollegeBoard (who runs the SAT), you can find extensive information, a customized search tool, and first hand accounts of every type of college student out there. They also have great content for veteran students, undocumented students, and parents.

Fast Web

This site specializes in scholarships and financial aid. Additional features are fun blog posts and coupons for high-end student necessities like computers and transportation.

Georgia Futures

This is a must visit site if you are considering an in-state school. This is where you can learn about the HOPE scholarship, apply for FAFSA, the 529 plan, (college savings fund), and Georgia education and career trends.

Federal Student Aid

Most people will visit the site to sign up for FAFSA, but this government run site has much to offer in the way of understanding financial aid including an enormous financial aid glossary.

College Scorecard

This government site provides students and families the critical information they need to make smart decisions about where to enroll for higher education.

Affordable Colleges Online

Online Education is not for everyone, but it is an option that is becoming increasingly popular. The website is extremely thorough in clarifying whether or not this is the best path for you.

How to Be Recruited into College Debate Programs

David M. Cheshier wrote this thoughful piece as an Assistant Professor of Communications and Director of Debate at Georgia State University.

Policy Debate in College

A list of collegiate debate programs and suggestions for how to make the introduction.

Debate Scholarships

This is the beast of debate scholarship lists.

Hello! I am a current Emory University student (c/o 2018) and I work with the Atlanta Urban Debate League’s college bridge program . I am privileged to be working alongside you as a resource in the college application process.  As a student who went through this process just three years ago, I want to take everything I know and share it with you to help you not only get into your best-fit college. Some areas I can help with: