Georgia Gives Day is Georgia’s initiative to promote support for its nonprofit organizations and this year it will be held now until on November 28, 2017 (otherwise known as #givingtuesday). Our goal is to reach $10,000 during this campaign to help provide debate education opportunities to deserving students in the form of scholarships for summer debate camp, debate tournament (elementary, middle, and high school) support, and curriculum development.

What can you do?

  • Make a donation.
  • Contribute to your local debate team. Our schools have all been invited to join a fundraising competition–the winner of the fundraiser receives a pizza party!
  • Create a personal fundraising page that you can share with others. (It’s easier than it sounds. Check out this video!)
  • Share the Glenn Pelham Foundation’s fundraising page via email and on social media.

Team Competition

To add a little twist, we are having a friendly contest throughout the league. The top 3 teams that raise the most money in proportion to their team size wins a pizza party!

How can your school win the competition?

• Have students complete chores to earn donation money.
• Have a school fundraiser.
• Forward this link ( to parents, friends, colleagues, grandparents.
• Ask these adults to start a fundraising contest at their place of work (think “Jeans Day” incentives).
• Create a personal fundraising page that you can share with others. (It’s easier than it sounds).
• Share this page on your social media.
• Ask for a small donation in tandem/replacement of your upcoming birthday or holiday gift.

Don’t forget:
• Our non-profit is called Glenn Pelham Foundation for Debate Education.
• Remind your donors to dedicate their donation to your school so we can track the contestants.
• This is the only public fundraiser we do all year!