Judging debates is vital to running a debate tournament. Students thrive on competition and the opportunity to prove what they have worked towards. Judging tournaments does NOT require previous debate experience; all that is needed is a good ear, patience, and encouragement. Please refer to the three resources below.

RECOMMENDED: AUDL Judge Training (40 min.)

James Roland, director of the Atlanta Urban Debate League, conducts a brief judge training session at the beginning of each tournament. Check it out!

BONUS: NAUDL Introduction to Judging Policy Debate (10 min.)

Modeled by our AUDL staff and colleagues, this video will give you an understanding of a basic debate.

Judged a few rounds and looking to learn more?  Our first Judge’s Training course is designed to answer some of your questions and help you become a better evaluator and educator for students.  From the comfort of your inbox, learn from AUDL staff, famous critics, and the students themselves.  Thank you for your continued support!