Outreach Day

The purpose of Outreach Day is to expose students to the campus experience and to cultivate post high school opportunities. Engaging students in the college path early on allows students time to develop the identity of a student who can and will pursue higher education. The Atlanta Urban Debate League will partner with Emory University in order to achieve this initiative.

This kinesthetic approach provides a “hands on” experience which is shown to have a greater impact on students than simply learning in a classroom. Guests have the liberty to customize what the itinerary of the day looks like: logistics, and what themes they want to revolve the experience around, etc.

Sample Itinerary:

Welcome and warm up activity-30 min.

This time allows guests to orient themselves to the university setting. A fun and engaging activity, particularly debate-themed, sets the tone for an educational day.

Campus Tour-45 min

A volunteer will guide students in a campus tour.

University Panel-30 min-45 min

The panel (3-4 individuals) will consist of a diverse selection of the Emory University population. The dialogue will revolve around personal college journeys and visitors should come prepared with questions about college and debate.

Lunch with Panel-30 min.

Everyone  will be given an opportunity to continue dialogue and build relationships during lunch time.

Debate Activities- 1 hour

Panel members or other Emory students will debate with the visiting students. This can be set up as preparing speeches or having a policy debate on a topic of choice. Emory students will be assigned to guide each small group of students.

  • Speeches on controversial resolution related issues- ex: human rights
  • Speeches or debates on controversial college topics (costs of higher education, value of education, community vs. private institution)
  • Speeches on college identity or what was learned from the day

Wrap up- 20 min.

This time will be used to answer any questions and provide take home materials on college bridge.

If you are interested in this opportunity, email Lauren Jacob ljacob@atlantadebate.org to learn more!