Atlanta Urban Debate Institute

The Atlanta Urban Debate Institute is a 1 week long summer workshop that includes students from middle and high schools across the metro-Atlanta area. Students are exposed to the new debate topic for the year and learn more about the upcoming debate season.

College Bridge

The College Bridge program seeks to expose and educate students participating in the league to the importance and value of taking ownership of their educational career. Students are provided “access” opportunities on a frequent basis to college students, staff, information, and campuses. Our goal is to help students make informed decisions and to demystify the high school and college experience.

Community Assisted Debate (CAD)

This program serves as a laboratory for new and creative curricula (DAC, critical thinking, critical pedagogy, life skills, etc.) that advances the understanding and use of debate education among various populations and demographics. University debate students provide rigorous instruction in critical thinking, critical writing, oral communication, and conflict resolution in multiple academic settings for socio-economically challenged students. This time spent together helps students develop a stronger connection and identity to their school’s debate team and the greater Atlanta Urban Debate League community. CAD takes form in both on-site settings and online.

Debate Ambassadors

The Debate Ambassadors program is an opportunity for talented AUDL debaters to compete against top debaters in Atlanta, the Southeast, and the nation. Atlanta is home to one of the country’s most vibrant local debate circuits and benefits from its proximity to well-attended national tournaments such as Wake Forest, Kentucky, UGA and more. In addition, debate ambassadors have the opportunity to receive mentoring from AUDL and Emory Debate coaches.

Debate Across the Curriculum

Debate Across the Curriculum seeks to provide educators with an instructional method that brings the skill set of debate to the classroom. Teachers, regardless of subject matter, are able to use this instructional method to help students develop their critical thinking and communication skills. Teachers are allowed an opportunity to create student-centered classrooms that are more engaging and better for classroom management; this leads to greater buy-in from more stakeholders within a school, district, and community at large.

Debate Center

The Debate Center is a program that allows AUDL students an opportunity to enrich and expand upon their debate knowledge base. This gathering provides an encouraging environment in which students can learn new debate strategies, strengthen their relationships with other league members, and participate in practices led by Emory debaters.

Debate Tournaments

Twice a month, the AUDL hosts a middle school and high school debate tournament. Member schools serve as a venue for a gathering of 300 students and often 100 volunteers to make this an exciting and memorable experience. Debaters participate in four rounds of debates and awards are given for top teams, top individual speakers, community awards, sweepstakes awards and coach of the month. In addition, we provide resources on college and additional ways to get involved in debate. These Saturdays are a great time for students from all over the city to meet and compete.

Elementary Debate

Years of demand for debate education on the primary level has finally resulted in a blooming elementary league. Curriculum is complimentary to the Georgia Social Studies Standards and the program offers five tournaments throughout the year in addition to on-site educational visits.

Outreach Day

The purpose of Outreach Day is to expose students to the campus experience and to cultivate post high school opportunities. Engaging students in the college path early on allows students time to develop the identity of a student who can and will pursue higher education. The Atlanta Urban Debate League will partner with Emory University in order to achieve this initiative.