Atlanta Urban Debate Institute
June 26-30, 2017
Georgia State University

The Atlanta Urban Debate Institute is a one-week summer workshop composed of elementary, middle and high school students of all skill levels. During this intensive week, students learn about the upcoming year’s policy debate resolution in addition to a comprehensive debate curriculum implemented by our experienced debate instructors. 123 students and staff from 53 schools attended the summer workshop. The wide diversity of both staff and students make this a unique and empowering experience for all involved. Because the Atlanta Urban Debate League is dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to debate education regardless of socioeconomic circumstances, we are proud to have been able to offer 80% of participants a full or partial scholarship. In a student post-survey, 78% reported an increase in personal confidence and 82% reported an increase in critical thinking abilities.

AUDL Coach Training
June 28, 2017 at Atlanta Urban Debate Institute
July 13, 2017 at Hopewell Debate Institute

15 debate coaches throughout the metro-Atlanta area joined us for training sessions on coaching debate. These coaches have primary roles as teachers in a variety of subjects during the school year. Staff members worked together with new and veteran coaches to deliver an encouraging and content filled workshop. The curriculum offered tools on debate competition as well as classroom instructional tools to use with all of their students, particularly non-debaters. The workshops produced a total of 45 professional development hours for these educators.

Coach Leadership Program
June 2017 at Emory National Debate Institute and Atlanta Urban Debate Institute
July 2017 at Hopewell Debate Institute

The Coach Leadership Program offers educators the opportunity to take their teaching and coaching of debate to the next level. The goal of this program is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with AUDL coaches so they may have a more meaningful connection with debate and the larger debate community. Several coaches from both middle school and high schools cultivated their debate proficiency through teaching at AUDL and Emory Debate institutes. Coaches were strategically partnered with an experienced staff member to ensure a robust and conducive classroom experience for all involved. 5 coaches participated in 3 summer institutes producing 180 hours of professional development.

Debate Across the Curriculum
July 27, 2017 at Mays High School and Maynard Jackson High School

The AUDL conducted their annual sessions at Atlanta Public Schools Professional Development Day. These sessions were led by James Roland and Christy Bradley in small group settings of educators across academic disciples and grade levels. These highly satisfied teachers walked away with a better understanding of how to utilize argumentation for purposes of content delivery and classroom management. 71% of teachers said they can see themselves using debate in the classroom at least once a week. 100% agreed that DAC is a process by which students can achieve the academic standard established by Atlanta Public Schools for their content areas.

Emory National Debate Institute
June 4-17, 2017

Emory has a long tradition (over 50 years) of providing quality summer debate camps and workshops for high school and middle school students and educators through the Emory National Debate Institute. This longstanding program is conducted in collaboration with efforts from the AUDL. The high school institute welcomed 147 students to campus. 14 of these students were given full or partial scholarships thanks to the AUDL and Glenn Pelham Foundation for Debate Education. The AUDL summer scholarship program is key to connecting high school students to the Emory experience. The middle school satellites took place at High Meadows School and Hopewell Middle School. Over 50 students attended these one-week institutes with a stellar staff of former collegiate debaters, current high school debaters, and current high school coaches.

High Meadows Debate Institute
June 19-23, 2017

This 1-week program hosted students from 12 schools in a setting with a 2:1 student/teacher ratio. Our partners at High Meadows School hosted the camp on a beautiful property that sits on more than 40 wooded acres in Roswell, Georgia. 4 students received full or partial scholarships courtesy of the GPF and AUDL. As a result of this successful week, 91% of students felt as though their speaking and presentation skills improved as a result of this camp; 83% of debaters would recommend this camp to a friend.

 Hopewell Debate Institute
July 10-14, 2017

This week featured a small group of debaters, but a lot of productive learning. By the end of the week, novice and varsity labs combined forces for a fun mini-tournament.100% of students feel as though they have improved as a debater. 93% reported that their social and communication skills improved as a result of this camp.

Mini-College Day
June 9, 2017

This 1-day workshop provided 13 high schoolers from the Atlanta Public Schools Target 2021 Program with a unique interactive university campus experience. The purpose of the CRCT Remediation and Enrichment Academic Program (Target 2021) is to provide the students who were impacted by the CRCT score anomalies targeted supports delivered via the development and implementation of individual learning plans designed to position them towards proficiency for graduation and equip them with post-secondary options. Students toured the campus, listened to a diverse panel of staff and students about what the college experience means to them, and learn how to put their best foot forward as a student and pre-professional. The workshop collaborated with 8 staff members and students from 3 departments in Emory Campus Life.

National Speech and Debate Tournament
June 18-23, 2017 in Birmingham, AL

Every year, more than 7,000 students, coaches, teachers, parents, and supporters from across the country attend the National Tournament. The student competitors represent the best and brightest young people across the United States and the globe in 8 speech and debate events. Were are proud to say that 2 of our schools represented the AUDL at the tournament. Mountain Brook actually served as a host to tournament by providing spaces for debate rounds. Hopewell Middle School entered 4 teams and 3 of the teams made it to quarterfinals! Congrats to both schools!

National Association of Urban Debate Leagues Conference
June 2017 in Chicago, IL

The National Association of Urban Debate League’s (NAUDL) annual summer Leadership Conference took place in Chicago this June. James Roland represented the AUDL this year and will also take part in NAUDL’s strategic planning committee this year. The NAUDL Conference brings together staff from urban debate leagues across the country to share and learn best practices for administering programs. It is an opportunity for the AUDL staff to understand what other leagues are doing and compare what successes and challenges they face in other cities. We recently discovered that the AUDL is the 2nd largest league in the country! The AUDL continually strives to collaborate with other UDL’s to mutually strengthen both entities. One example of this is the coach exchange program. This year, Shauntrice Martin from the Silicon Valley Urban Debate League participated in our summer institutes. She was a great asset and contributed many new ideas for curriculum and programming. Just recently, Shauntrice accepted the position of Executive Director at the Baltimore Urban Debate League.