Ishita is an AUDL alum who began debate at Rivertrail Middle School and has been debating ever since! This summer, she served as a lab assistant teaching novices the basic fundamentals of debate.

What is your favorite thing about debate?

“My favorite thing about debate would be its sophistication and simplicity. While those two might appear to contradict one another, debate is able to support them both. The advanced jargon, structure, and style of debate brings sophistication to the table, but the simple purpose of why we debate always remains clear in our minds: to not prove ourselves, but to prove and present our thoughts in a fair manner to an audience.”

Tell us about your volunteer experience this summer.

“I had an awesome experience this summer. I went to Hopewell Middle School for one week to help teach kids new to debate the basics of public speaking and policy/public forum debate.

I asked to volunteer because I wanted to experience teaching or assisting a teacher. I see teaching as an art with the exception that it holds expectations. A teacher must meet the expectations that students hold, and that is the most difficult part of teaching. Being able to take part in a unique experience like this was something I wanted to do when I asked to volunteer. I learned how to interact with people, deal with problems in a timely manner, and much much more from this camp.

I expected to see a group of children who were really confused about debate because debate can come off as a intimidating activity. In reality, I got to work with an awesome staff, and I learned a lot about the techniques of teaching. I also helped teach a group of kids who were focused and curious to know everything about debate. I was surprised to see how much students picked up after only one week of the camp.”

What is your favorite memory from this summer?

“My favorite memory from this camp would definitely be our last day when we held two mock debates and got to see the success of this camp.”