AUDL Coach Training Sessions

We offer several opportunities throughout the summer for coaches and educators to enhance their knowledge about debate fundamentals, team management, and the topic for the upcoming debate season.

More information will be available in the fall for our 2020 summer coach workshops.

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AUDL Coach Leadership Fellows Program

Throughout the summer, Coach Leadership Fellows engage in instruction and observation, drawing upon their experience in the classroom to foster a positive learning environment for students. In small cohorts, Coach Leadership Fellows observe, and partner with, experienced debate educators to better understand the activity of debate as a theoretically grounded learning model. In addition to supporting the social and emotional development of students, Coach Leadership Fellows consistently engage students in the critical consideration of information; including its sources, argumentation, and interaction with existing knowledge. For this reason, the fellowship experience is valuable for participants not only as debate coaches, but also as educators, as they seek to engage, challenge, and teach students with access to increasingly diverse information and perspectives.