Tournament Procedu


Student Registration (Completed ONCE A Season)

EVERY student must complete a registration form at the start of the debate season. This is separate from tournament registration which is conducted on Speechwire.

Tournament Pre-Registration (Completed for EVERY Tournament)

Coaches MUST register their school’s teams and judges on SpeechWire by 5:00 p.m. the Tuesday before a tournament. Changes can be made on Speechwire after the registration deadline.

Judging Requirements

Volunteer judges are vital to our tournaments. The required number of judges per school will be calculated by rounds based on the number of registered teams. The judging obligation is 1 judge for every 2 teams (1 judge for every 4 debaters).

Division Promotions

  • Elementary School to Middle School: The debater must be on a middle school debate team. Rising 6th grade students with AUDL debate experience can either start as a novice debater or a junior varsity debater.

  • Middle School Novice to Middle School Junior Varsity: Place in the top 15 teams twice.

  • Middle School Junior Varsity to Middle School Varsity: Place in the top 15 teams twice.

  • Middle School to High School: The debater must be on a high school debate team. Students with middle school debate experience should compete in the High School Open Division.

  • High School Novice to High School Open: Place in the top 15 teams twice.

    If students would like to move up to a higher-level division, they may move up at any time—there is no need to wait on placing in the top 15 teams twice before competing in a higher division.

If you have a team of two debaters that typically compete in different divisions (i.e., a novice debater and a junior varsity debater paired together for one tournament), that team should be registered in the higher of the two divisions.

Evidence Usage

One critical part of debating is the effective use of evidence to prove your point(s). The AUDL provides a comprehensive evidence packet for all students to use. This helps ensure all students have a high quality set of materials for debates and an effective model to help guide their own research and argument construction.

Inclement Weather Policy

Atlanta Urban Debate League programming and events may be impacted by inclement weather throughout the year. The AUDL will only cancel programs and events if the host location cancels programs and events or if traveling to a program or event would pose a severe threat to AUDL staff safety. We will plan on holding events as planned for whomever is able to attend. You should abide by your school district’s or school’s policy on attending a program or event in the case of inclement weather. The AUDL also encourages you to put safety first—please use your best judgement when traveling during weather incidents as different parts of the state are often impacted by weather in different ways.

If your school is unable to attend a program or event when there is a threat of inclement weather, we do ask you please let us know. Due to the scale of our tournaments, we are unable to offer make-up tournament dates in the case of inclement weather.

If an AUDL program or event is cancelled, we will make the announcement via email to those who are invited to attend the event. We will also put an announcement on the AUDL website if possible. Please disseminate this information to your debaters, coaches, teachers, school administrators, parents, volunteers, and attendees. We want everyone in our community to be safe.