A collection of documents to aid the novice to experienced debater!

A glossary of terms that every debater should know!

Important debate concepts in the form of acronyms.

A great activity for novice debaters especially as they get familiar with their 1AC.

A “How-To” excerpt from the policy debate manual for novice debaters and coaches alike!

A series of activities designed to strengthen the abilities of novice debaters.

A guide that provides suggestions and tips for maximizing your time during a debate round.

A vertical flowsheet that can be used to keep track of arguments during a debate round.

A list of common abbreviations that can be used to quickly fill out a flowsheet during a debate.

A graphic organizer that assists Elementary & Novice debaters in organizing their arguments for their first debates!

A picture guide that outlines the proper speech order for ELEMENTARY School Debates.

An easy-to-use outline that assists ELEMENTARY division students with their first debates!

A guide that provides a detailed overview of this year’s topic. This packet can serve also serve novice debaters as a go-to guide for the basics of the debate season’s topic.