Community Assisted Debate (CAD)

Community Assisted Debate (CAD) serves as a laboratory for new and creative curricula (DAC, critical thinking, critical pedagogy, life skills, etc.) that advances the understanding and use of debate education among various populations and demographics. Taking form in both on-site and online settings, university debate students provide rigorous instruction in critical thinking, critical writing, oral communication, and conflict resolution in multiple academic settings for socio-economically challenged students. This time spent together helps students develop a stronger connection and identity to their school’s debate team and the greater Atlanta Urban Debate League community.

Through CAD we’re able to:

  • Provide educators with an instructional method that brings the skill set of debate to the classroom. 

  • Learn how to make a more engaging, student centered classroom. 

  • Provide customizable professional development trainings. 

  • Instill critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities necessary to navigate the 21st Century.

  • Strengthen the processes of argument construction, close critical reading, and evidence evaluation are central to both debate and educational standards. 

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