Debate Ambassadors

The Debate Ambassadors program is an opportunity for talented AUDL debaters to compete against top debaters in Atlanta, the Southeast, and the nation. Atlanta is home to one of the country’s most vibrant local debate circuits and benefits from its proximity to well-attended national tournaments such as Wake Forest, Kentucky, UGA and more. In addition, debate ambassadors have the opportunity to receive mentoring from AUDL staff and coaches.


1. Debaters are challenged to create more original arguments constructed through individual and team research. There is no closed evidence packet.

2. The national/regional tournaments require a two to three-day commitment. While some tournaments may require students to be dismissed early on a Friday, the academic nature of the tournament simply supplements the time spent learning in a classroom environment.

3. Debate Ambassadors have the opportunity to receive high quality mentoring from AUDL staff and coaches, many of who were former national champion debaters. This program naturally creates a bridge to higher education through communication skills, university campus exposure, and academic enrichment.


Debate should be FUN, and debate work should be done because it’s interesting and meaningful, not out of obligation. That being said, debate is a challenging activity and debaters that want to reap the most out of this experience should be prepared to commit to a high standard in quality and quantity of work. We strongly recommend that participants:

  • Assist or debate in AUDL tournaments throughout the year

  • Attend Debate Center at least twice a month

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0

  • Abide by the AUDL Social Contract

*Debate Ambassadors must be established AUDL debaters.

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